Monday, February 9, 2009

The Bolt is Over

Super Bolt Sale at the store is essence. The soldiers of empty bolt boards haunted our office when we got in to work today. It was a good reminder of a lot of fun we had. There are some fabrics left in the back room. The staff and I went and perused the remainders. We were shocked at the very useable fabrics that are still waiting to go home with people. In fact, a couple of them started buying again for themselves. It is so interesting what discount fabric can inspire in people. However, when I say discount fabric, I really mean good fabric that is on sale.

When I first started quilting, I didn't have choices for fabric. I bought the fabric for my first quilt at a chain store and made a monster queen sized bed spread from a double Irish chain pattern called Quilt in a Day. (What a sense of humor!!). Nine years later, my daughter's friend had spilled nail polish on it before I even had finished hand quilting it. Yes, I was taught to hand quilt it in a frame. My kids would lay down for their naps and I would go in and sing songs to them while they dozed off and work on the borders of the quilt. Being a garment sewer, I used my new (then) favorite gadget....Threadfuse and attached the binding. I didn't have anyone to show me and thought that made sense.

I had actually started in the business of making quilted items for sale before I ever finished that quilt. As a garment sewer, I created this same way. Usually I started Easter dresses on Good Friday....often night. I am not condoning this. I used to make all the Christmas presents. Now...I have rules. I only make things I want to make and when I want to make them. I create because it makes me happy not because my sister wants a quilt for Christmas. In fact, if someone asks me for a quilt (which rarely anyone does---I have understanding and appreciative family and friends), I suggest that they cook for my family for at least a month and consider cleaning my house at least four times in a month as that would be about equal share for the energy I would put into a project-on-demand. As I have aged, I have now added a one hour massage once a a professional. Suffice it to say most think I am kidding. I am not.

Create because you want to create....not because you have to! If you have to sew of obligation, set a timer, call it your job and be sure you reserve space for your better creative energies.

All the Best to you, jill

ps.....How does this inspire you? I love morning glories and this piece is really speaking to me. So, try a blog and give me your opinion. This is Benartex's new fabric line called Flower Show. The staff is teasing me about it, but it is metaphorically growing on all of us.

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