Monday, May 18, 2009

ATTN: RICKY TIMS: Stuff Held For Ransom

Dear Mr. Ricky Tims,

This is a note of property being held captive in Iowa. No items will be injured if you cooperate with us.

On May 9, you departed Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In your departure, you left some precious belongings at Pine Needles Sewing Center in an effort to lighten up luggage for return-travel to Colorado. (Please inventory items in photograph. Garments not photographed out of respect for privacy. Ummm....errr....I mean we are taking turns determining if there is a staff member who will fit the silver belt buckle.)

•Two quilts...Kool Kaleidoscope #8 and Rhapsody
•One pair of stylish boots of a cowboy-artist
•Various articles of clothing
Items will be returned upon a return visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Means of conveyance: Harley motorcycle (odometer read is currently less than 300 miles....time to put miles on that baby). Your cooperation with this endeavor to reunite you with your precious belongings is appreciated.

(If you want to see close up images to replicate Ricky Tims' work, be sure you click on any of the images in this email to see Ricky's work and his music on our web site.)

However, after further investigation of the condition of the quilts, it is noted that the sleeves on said quilts are in need of repair (note photograph). Should Mr. Tims not be willing to exhibit better care (than safety pins) for quilt sleeves, we (the holders of the quilts) reserve the right to not return the quilts lest they fall into such a state of "sleeved-by-safety-pin." Upon receipt of ransom coverage, Mr. Tims would have to issue and affidavit of promise to maintain better care of quilt sleeves. Although, it IS noteworthy that such care is given the sleeves as to make the sleeves of hand-dyed fabrics (nice touch!).

Upon return visit to Iowa, along with reuniting you with your belongings, we will be sharing with you the fruits of our incredible creative journey with you at the concert and classes held on May 8-9 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as the guest of the Sew Inspired Team at Pine Needles Sewing Center.

Most Respectfully, Your Friends at Pine Needles Sewing Center

P.S. To further assist Ricky on this venture to have his quilt returned, submit your response with information for Ricky to read about his publications or his visit to Iowa in the COMMENT section at the end of the email. This may assist Ricky in determining if he will return to Iowa.
P.S.S. this is a hoax. (The request for comments for Ricky to this email is NOT a hoax.) While it is true Ricky Tims left belongings with us at the store, we have respectfuly returned them to him as he requested our assistance in lightening his travel load. Imagine our surprise (and delight) that he left us to study and enjoy his quilts for a bit longer after his departure.
P.S.S. Thanks every so much Mr. Ricky Tims for gracing us in Iowa with your visit. We truly do hope that you consider coming back and teaching us more at some time. See you in Colorado soon to enjoy the lovely landscape you have shared with us in photography, song and stitch!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Know the Symptoms

Cheryl wisely pointed out in a response to my last blog post that we should know the symptoms of heart disease. Paula's death is so fresh for all of us that I had wanted to wait a bit to speak about the need for all of us to be mindful of our health and how heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. When Cheryl pointed this out to me, I really think it underlined the need for me to speak this now.

Take the time to do some reading. I found the following articles to be most noteworthy:

Being with Paula's family, enjoying the pictures of her with nieces and nephews and her own children and all of the sewing in the pictures she did for the people she loved, I was keenly aware of how sad it is that she died so young. Like many of us, Paula was so good at caring for others. Let's all take her message to heart and take care of ourselves that we can continue to do that which we love for whom we love.

all the best to you, jill

Monday, May 11, 2009

Remembering Paula

On Friday night, May 7, we had a grand evening with Ricky Tims for his concert and dinner. Our friend ad co-worker, Paula Anderson, stayed with us until all the guests had left. She then shared her version of Convergence with Ricky.

Paula went home, had her husband rub her aching shoulder, let her dog out and then back in for the night. Her husband went to bed as she was unwinding from an exciting evening. In the night some time, Paula passed away. Paula Anderson was 54 years old. She leaves behind her husband Charles and daughters, Gina and Becky.

For those who knew Paula Anderson, we knew that she was modest about her work and that her work was incredibly detailed and meticulous. She was her own harshest critic. Yet, she had a kind heart for everyone else.

It was not easy to snap photographs of Paula as she was shy about cameras. However, when she was engrossed in her sewing at a recent event with our staff, I was able to capture her in a place where she found great a sewing machine and with friends who cared about her.

Paula has been a sewing friend of ours since we opened the store. She was one of the first who enthusiastically found us and came to learn. She came to working with us in January of this year in our office. We have been so privileged to enjoy her cheerful demeanor and diligence to help our customers and be a fabulous team member at our store.

Paula regularly told us and customers that she was working her dream job at Pine Needles. And in so many ways we were privileged to see it and share the joy with her. We were all treated to the blooming of her sewing when she would bring in new things she was sewing and share her learning with incredible joy.

On her day off last week, she took the time to learn Ricky's Convergence Quilting. Wow....we got to see her fabulous creation from Ricky's hand-dyed fat quarters. I was so privileged to be with Paula as she waited until the end of the evening to show her creation to Ricky. He was so inspired by her work that he signed her quilt with the affirmation, "Way to go, Paula!" Her smile gives us great comfort, knowing that she sewed her way to joy.

It is with great sadness that her passing has come. Our family and our Pine Needles family will miss her tremendously. We are so privileged to have had her as part of our team.

I personally know that the message of Paula and others like her is that we continue to share the inspiration and love through our sewing and our compassionate caring for one another. The whole of our creative experience gives voice to the beauty in each of us.

We will miss you our dear friend, Paula....jill