Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Real Office

For all of my work career, I have never had a real office of my own. I usually shared a closet we called an office with a couple of people or whatever space I could carve out for a card table and a file cabinet. When we planned our new space in the new store, I really dragged my feet on a place of my own. Fear that I wouldn't use it. Anxiety that it would become the great dumping grounds all stopped me. Finally, it was clear that the builders and my husband didn't understand the sense of my reluctance and they carved out a space for my office. I tried several times to give it away but now after a year of being in it, I am finally accustom to my own office. I am even slowly letting it become my place. Getting furniture took a long time. Putting files in the cabinets is definitely a work in progress. I get lonely sometimes and have to wander out. I am likely a more social creature than I think I am....as I would much prefer to be in the main office where I could be in the "happening place."

However, from my office, I get to talk to all of you. Keep up on the details in the world and work on plans for your sewing, for my vision for the store and meet with the Amazing Team Pine Needles as they push on to be inspired and to be inspiring.

Occasionally, I share the office with my pet and Therese's, Macy and Olive. They seem to think they own the world....even my desk!! They took to trying to send emails out via my computer. Dogs with attitude!

My office has grown on me and it looks more like me everyday....scary in a way. However, as with all of our pet spaces....they need to be a sanctuary for us to collect our thoughts and find our creative best. To that end, I am very grateful to my husband for keeping on me to embrace this office! He still thinks there needs to be a place for a recliner (augh) that he can take an afternoon nap. Recliner and my space just don't go together. So sometime I would imagine I will find him curled up on the floor with a quilt or two.


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