Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Should Be Enough!

For those of you who have been asking me about the progress of my studio, I have exciting news.  I think I finally picked up TOO MANY shelves.  In my hunt high and low for enough shelves with the right configuration, I decided on a unit with cubbies rather than wide shelves.  I am today sorting through the books putting them in some general search-able order.  I would never alphabetize them as I would never look for them that way.  The older I get I am quite content to be able to remember my own name, I'd hate to think I need to remember book titles besides don't most of us remember them by "the one with the purple cover and the handbag over in the corner"?

My favorite publishers are getting their own spaces.  The oldies....classics get their own cubbies.  My knitting books get their own space.  The magazines I save are finally coming out of their holders and will get their own space.  I don't save all magazines but tend to roll back through ones like Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Quilts and More and Quilt Sampler. 

Another feature I added was deep drawers on the bottoms of my shelves that I have a place for patterns.  Again, those are sorted out by types of patterns.....I have a pretty big miscellaneous stack.  That will always be a fun one to dig through.  

I selected white shelving as a nice contrast against my wood laminate flooring and my cherry Koala Studios.  I am loving this room more and more.

Today I am home with no voice (or rather what I have is an ugly sound)....nasty cold has me drinking tea with lemon and lots of water.  Too much talking with my d. friends over the weekend....what a fun party that was (thanks, Les!)  My d. friends don't sew.  I was quite surprised to hear that a few of you read my blog.  The offer still stands, girlfriends, I WILL teach you.  My sewing friends are quite happy and this is a great hobby as many of you are enjoying new grandbabies.    All the best to you, jill

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Nancy said...

I am impressed! This is looking great. Neat, must have a good feeling about it. Good use of time when you can't be out in the world. Feel better.