Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doodlin' the Borders

Recently, I shared with many of my sewing friends how I worked on a border.  I filled in a border by only quilting in half of the triangles.  Creating a continuous line design that accentuated the border, I was able to bring out the best in a border without doing a lot of drawing.

Normally, I don't draw out borders.  Rather, I sew out the elements.   I don't spend a lot of time planning these things out.  I find that it works better to sew out these elements in silk thread (100 weight).  Perhaps the first six I sew are not "perfect."  Although, this border is 360" (er, that is about 10 yards or 30 feet!)  which gives me miles of sewing the borders to practice the fill stitches.

Hopefully, you can follow my drawings to create your own border fill stitch.  Don't spend a lot of time drawing 10 yards of triangles.  That would be like drawing triangles from one end of your house to the other.   Silk thread and using your stitch regulator is going to make you look like a pro!

The more drawing you can do without lifting your pen, pencil or marker off the paper, the better you will get on creating long continuous lines to create fill stitches.  This is like sewing with a pen.  When I am drawing a lot of shapes, I prefer a find tipped marker like a micron pigma pen and smooth paper.

For those of you who won't get to some sewing for a few days (work gets in your way), why not give doodling a try!  Doodle on the borders of your notebook while you are in a meeting.  Many of us (today) are watching tons of snow falling.  Perhaps you could go out and do some drawing in a snow bank!

All the Best to You, jill 

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