Thursday, July 14, 2011

Even When I Can't Sew

When I was a little girl, I drew a lot.  I would draw on anything.  I doodled and the world just went away.  When I am creating, I almost go into a trance.  It is like I am not thinking at all.  That probably sounds a bit weird to those of you who THINK you can't draw.  I suspect you just try to control your drawing too much.  So, there's an assignment for you....quit thinking and see if you can draw.

At any rate, the past few weeks have been very full of summer fun with our family.   Lots of cooking, swimming in the pond, touring the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area.  There is always so many amazing things to do...visit wineries, stop by the Amana Colonies for food and touring, go kayaking, attend the Farmer's Markets and just enjoy the parks and bike trails and walking trails.  Even got a chance to go to a Kernels' game.  They didn't win but we had fun cheering them on and enjoyed the fireworks.  

All of the busy-ness doesn't really get in the way of my creative energies.   I can't quite help myself, even if I don't have a pen, pencil or sewing machine, I am doodling.   I found myself doodling with glass beads.  The magic baubles had been on the table as an embellishment.  Each morning I would take my breakfast to the table and work it like a crossword puzzle, I rotated around our dining room table placing the glass pieces taking my bowl of oatmeal with me.  After a few days, I had a whole canvas designed.  The family was afraid to disrupt my finished project and eat there.  Conversely, I view it as finished and am ready to disrupt it all because it is the process that is so important to me. 

Now, I wonder what I could do with tiles on a floor....

All the Best to You, jill


Nancy said...

How satisfying to doodle with the glass pieces, and it looks so pretty!

Julia said...

Oh, this is so pretty. I was so intrigued by the Zentangle you were showing me at the Kaye England workshop this spring. I have been looking at some books about Zentangle to get me started. Maybe the "mindless" doodling will work better for me. Thanks for sharing. Julia