Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yes, Winter Has Color

Will winter really end? As I look out at the snow, I have some forgotten the color of the lawn and the flowering landscapes. My puppy Macy kicks the snow about with her nose and makes it all look a lot more fun than it really is.

Yet today, I saw the colors of winter differently. I have been in several furniture stores of late looking for a desk for my office. I found myself attracted to the furnishings with the shades of white...that is white with a hint of pink, white with a creamy yellow base, white with a tint of green. They are to be calming colors, the ones that you find in the basics section of the paint samples. When I stepped outside amid the snow again, I realized that the surrounding landscape reflected many shades of white. Even the snow on Macy's paws looked gray peaking through her dark fur.

I then went to the store and pulled out Alex Anderson's new book on neutrals and realized that the attraction to themes of white and neutrals are a study in color that takes even more finesse than recognizing complementary colors or being able to navigate the color wheel with ease. Working with shades of the same color is more the work of appreciating color values and the weight of those to carry a design.

I challenge you to find the color of winter...even if it is all white or dingy brown or gray.


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