Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog from Switzerland

I am writing you from Switzerland. We are off to Luzern today. I almost couldn't write you because I can't read German. My Google account cues were all in German. So, I had to peck and guess at how to talk to you. Must have done something right because here I am.

Yesterday we toured Zurich. When I saw a store that had FABRIC in the title and was a big store, I was thrilled to think I'd found a big store of fabric. Wrong. It is a big store that uses silk fabric for home decorating which was good for us because we are getting in lots and lots of silk dupioni. The above picture is a display of silk ties. Gorgeous!!

The pillows look yummy. Be prepared. This is a great time to learn piping techniques. Watch for Linda Lee coming to the store in November. Not only is she a superb garment person but she does home decorating and edge finishes with flair.



BrendaLou said...

What gorgeous colors!!! Hope you are having a ball.

Rene' said...

beautiful colors hope you all are having fun fun fun