Sunday, August 3, 2008

Melt Your Heart

Today, I got a chance to collect my photographs from our friends from Texas. Marileah Mansfield of Mesquite, Texas, drove with her daughter, Carla McGhghy and Carla's grandson, Shawn McGhghy. Pulling a 16' trailer, the women had travelled several states to give aide to other sewers in the way of many, many pounds of fabric, notions, publications and sewing machines.

We have been giving out sewing machines and sewing supplies for the past month. Our supply of (especially sewing machines) is being rapidly depleted. This was welcome relief for those in need.

The newspaper ran a small clip that told Flood Victims to come and pick up sewing supplies at our store at 10am.....well, that wasn't exactly the way we said it. However, it was very providential that those words brought us many more applicants looking for sewing machines. The woman who met our Texas friends as we started unloading the truck, showed them pictures of her flooded home and her plea, "I just NEED to get back to sewing." It was heart wrenching and humbling.

As we worked to unload the box after box of sewing supplies into our small storage room, we began to meet a whole new group of people as they lined up to fill out forms to receive supplies. We are doing our best to get sewing machines for these people and are going to need YOUR help. Please look to our web site to see how you can go about donating a sewing machine for a flood victim (Stitches for Hope). This week our technicians will be swamped as they are trying to get the machines serviced so that we can start sending this newest batch home with people by next Saturday.

You will want to subscribe to our email list ( -- be sure to enter your email address along the left hand side of the home page and confirm your registration) to be sure you get more information on what we will be doing on Saturday for people who are in need of sewing supplies. We will be planning an event that many of you can participate in!


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