Friday, March 20, 2009

Design Wall...AKA: Pool Table

When we moved to our current home, there was a large room in the basement that screamed "Sewing Room" to me. Of course, it also was large enough to accomodate Henry's pool table and the air hockey table. After some wrangling where I tried to figure out what other rooms the pool table could go and live, I forfeited "some" space. Of course, the space I had calculated was a corner. However, the only real place for it to go was centered under the lamp/fan in the room. So the pool table moves over to encroach upon "my space." Henry feels a little bad about that and we agree to disagree on the space.

I have to give him a LOT of credit because he has been a great sport about this. Both the pool table and the air hockey table are more often covered with our sewing stuff. Even when we move the stuff off the table, no one growls that the table is sporting errant threads and remnants of our projects. They brush it off and play pool happily.

Now, the TV is on my side of the room and Henry's chairs are on the other side of the room. After years of farming, his hearing has changed a bit. So, I get to be in between him and the TV when we are in the basement together. I am thinking speakers behind HIS chair might be the solution here.

I think it is great that as we age, we decide which battles are worth a battle and which just have a different solution. My goal is that when we get to the nursing home we can still share a room...wonder if the pool table will be coming with us. I know the sewing machine will be there!

All the Best to you.....jill
p.s. I think a pool table makes a great backdrop for spools of thread. YLI Vineyard in the left pocket!

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