Monday, March 16, 2009

Grow Some Inspiration!

Whoa....thanks for commenting on my last blog! I didn't realize that I had readers. I thought this was my DEAR DIARY segment. But I also remembered that the real reason I write is because I love to write. I wanted to be a writer from when I was a little kid. I love the innovations in technology that have happened. I can be a writer without having to find a publisher.

This last week I got to experience what I tell my customer friends to experience. I bought myself a Bernina 830 machine. This was like the birthday present that I always wanted...and she is a dream. She makes me happy everytime I see her. I invited my daughter Therese over to play in my sewing room with me. I don't think most of us played enough as children. So, we all need more play days. I love getting older because I live with less obligation and more freedom and give myself permission to play.

My play-date comes over and she takes over my new toy, the Bernina 830. I think I pouted a bit. But, I tried to play nice by finding other things to sew on. I took out my embroidery software and lined up things to sew out...that would be playing with other toys while letting one's playmate play with the prize toy. I even went to my other sewing machine and sewed up some things that I keep nearby. That would be playing nice.

We used the redwork florals and used the Endless Embroidery feature to place several florals. Then we worked with random designs and stitched out the designs onto sateen fabrics for projects that Therese is working on for Embroidery Secrets. That machine stitched fast and clean and beautifully. The Jumbo Hoop is secure and easy to maneuver.

At any rate, I enjoyed the experience of watching Therese play with the 830 and learned so very much. We had a blast. Our puppies (Schnauzers, Macy and Olive) romped around the sewing room with joy. Chewing on scraps of fabric and chasing each other around is their sport. The best part was that we learned all over again how much we love this machine. Not only is embroidery phenomenal but this is a very sleek operating machine. The bobbin system is amazingly clean and strong. I sewed for many years on a Bernina 950, a home industrial and find the new Bernina 830 has a hook system much like my home industrial. Fabulous stitch performance and reliability. Plus, this one carries 40% more thread than standard bobbins.

Over the weekend I had a chance to sew on my new machine. I digitized the Two Hour Tulip Tote in software. I then enlarged the design to fit into the Jumbo Hoop. Talk about amazing. I imported stippling in the bag. I also filled it with lacework stitching. In the next couple days I am going to create some other bases with fill stitches from the Designer Plus software. I am excited to be presenting these topics at our coming Embroidery Secrets and VIP. We love presenting at these sessions because they give us a chance to share our inspiration.

Sewing can be viral because inspiration is so contagious. This is my medium....and writing is my voice. Thanks for joining me on the journey. Hope to see you in coming VIP and Embroidery Secrets.

Be Sew Inspired....jill

p.s. Always seek new ideas and inspiration....keep looking for the sparklers in your day. Be a visionary. There is so much to celebrate!

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