Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Hearts in San Francisco

My daughters always give me a bad time because I like hearts. I like charms of hearts and the image of hearts. Of course, I love Brighton...while I don't have but three pieces of Brighton, I love the silver hearts on all of them. My girls think I like them because they don't like them. Well, if that were true, it would be about time I worked at getting under their skin! However, that isn't true. I love the image of hearts and love the symbolism and am probably just a romantic. So, forgive me if I break out in song....left my heart in San Francisco. Truly, this was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been in. I could easily go back there for more of a visit.

We were there for close to a week at Bernina University...soaking up new tips, new techniques and being inspired to come back and share so much with you, our friends. We got a chance to see the new Designer v 6.0 software. The sketching options will amaze and thrill everyone. So intuitive, we are anxious to get our hands on it for our training in August and will be sharing more with our customers. We also got a chance to see a new tool for cutting designs out using your embroidery machine. Talk about making that a multi-faceted machine....who would have ever thought of it. Being a big fan of cutwork, traditional and contemporary, I have some great designs roaming around my idea bank and this cutwork tool is going to be just what I need to let that inspiration soar!!

And for you garment sewers (or wanna-bes) we put our heads together with Linda Lee and are going to be launching Project Sewing Workshop at the store. This is going to give you a chance to work with Linda's designs and to have fabric choices for fabulous garments right at Pine Needles. You will want to be sure to make it to VIP in July and August as we release information about how you can get a chance to win some great prizes just for expanding your wardrobe with the Sewing Workshop. A couple of us from the store will be attending Linda's workshop this summer and will be working on planning Linda's fall visit to the store. You will want to watch the fall newsletter for those details.

Perhaps our favorite part of BU is the fun we get to have with other sewing machine dealers and fabric store teams from across the country and around the world. Our enthusiasm for the Bernina products and the fabrics and notions and publications is almost a genetic bond with us. We not only get to see these people at our trainings and market and convention, but we have developed some great lasting friendships. I always come home energized by all the great ideas I gather from across the country. So, indeed, forgive me for being away from my blog activity, but I was doing what I tell all of you to a widely interesting life and report back when you get a chance to inspire others.

We got to share this Bernina University with Therese and Joel, our daughter and son-in-law. It is great to hear their perspective and watch them grow in knowledge and insight about how to bring more sewing excitement back to Cedar Rapids.

Hope to see you soon in the store. Be sure you get signed up for some of the coming events and see what San Francisco and Bernina University inspired in our sewing world!
All the Best to You, jill

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