Saturday, April 3, 2010

Retreat Memories

Has it REALLY been a week since I was on retreat?!  I think the euphoria of sewing for four days has left me a bit dazed.   I am amazed at how much everyone else gets done.  They are all a bit modest when we take pictures (as you will soon see). But, what they accomplished is no small feat!  I loved every show and tell that we got to see.  We had brand new sewers on this retreat and experienced.  We all had a great some rest, got in lots of sewing and even enjoyed a massage. 

It was fun to see people sparking off other peoples' ideas.  Judy came not sure what to do with a panel she wanted to work on and then was inspired by Lisa's work on a panel she was making for a toddler's quilt.  And they BOTH got their projects done within hours of each other. 

Some people were drinking coffee to wake up in the morning.  Others would drink caffeine to stay awake into the night.  It was a very eclectic time frame.  I love most that everyone is quite comfortable doing their own schedule.   Therese told me recently when she was a little girl, she would long to be a grown up so she could do what she wanted to, when she wanted to.  I laughed and asked her how it was working for her now.  But, I think her description of "being grown up" is what retreat is...doing what you want to, when you want....

When I got to the last day of retreat, I was scrambling around because I realized I hadn't cut out all of my applique pieces.  Visioning what it was going to take, I was sure that I would start losing applique cut-outs on my way home.  Memories of "...where did that go..." and " could I have lost a snowman applique..." haunted me.  On the last day, I ironed together (onto my Applique Pressing Sheet) all the lonely pieces so that they were matched up and ready once I had more time to finish my applique.

I even shocked myself that when I got home on Sunday night, I went immediately to my sewing room, unpacked everything and finished cutting and ironing my last row.  The memories of things I have lost and misplaced must have really spooked me.  Or, I was wholly inspired by those project-finishing retreaters I'd spent the weekend with! 

Wonder if that is wisdom kicking in or is it fear that I will forget where I left off?  Whatever it is, I don't really mind because as I age and lose more bits of my memory I realize there are some things I should have regret and self-recrimination. 

I certainly came home rested and kicked back a bit and soaked up the last of my retreat experience (oh, and that might be WHY the April calendar didn't get posted until April 2).  None of this seems like a good reason to be tardy or fall behind on deadlines....but I know my family was sure happy to see a rested Jill return home.   For my part, I was excited at how much inspiration got sparking around my brain.   So refreshing! 

Our fall retreat is November 4-5-6-7.  Mark your calendar.  Shalom Retreat Center is one of the best getaways I have ever been to.  Private and semi-private rooms, beautiful surroundings, ample sewing space, fabulous food...the best! 
I am also so excited because this week, Therese and I pulled together many of the events we are working on for the next eight months.  With a family wedding, summer vacations and plans for more fun at the store, we had to get the things we really wanted on our calendar.    It was like a festival just planning all the guest speakers, making phone calls and making arrangements.  A visit from Kaye England in September, along with a presentation of Project Sewing Workshop with Linda Lee this summer...then a couple of days with Vicki Tracy at the store...this is sounding like a great party already.  Made a phone call to Ricky Tims to get some dates for a bus trip to Colorado.   We are getting ready to start our next BE THERE, GET YOUR SQUARE early this summer with batiks and the most amazing blocks you will ever see.   Want to keep up to date on all of these happenings, go to our web site and register for the email that will keep you updated on the events at the store.

So many times when we are exercising our creative muscles, we think it is about what it is doing for us.  Yet, I think it is so much more about sharing and spreading happiness through encouraging creativity in others.

All the Best to You, jill

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I heard from Judy how much fun you all had. I'm hoping to attend the next one in November now that things are calming down! Glad you had a great time and got things accomplished!