Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birth of the Aliens

This is my last overnight at our weekend retreat, and I thought it important to announce that three aliens were birthed at this retreat.  The proud makers believed they were a bit weary looking and not photograph ready to be presented with their new-creations, Alien #1 and #2 and #3.  The Alien babies are awaiting appropriate names but it remains to be determined that the gender of the three before naming progresses.  Bill, Will and Tillie were vetoed.

     My own time at retreat has been joyfully been given to quilting a fabulous piece that is pieced and hand-appliqued.  We also were privileged to share the retreat center with a group of women working on bobbin-work lace.  How interesting to enjoy the core of others respite from the world in creation.

     As I listen to people discuss what they hope to do and what they have accomplished, I was struck with the determination to accomplish MUCH.  As I watched people sew (and now do bobbin work), it was a good reminder again that it isn't what we accomplish that is significant but rather what the effort does to us as a person.  In the big scheme of things, that which we create will not (for most of us) be the true mark of the person we are to those we love and care about or those who respect us.  Rather, our time spent in our work and our play forms us as a caretaker, as a friend and as a steward of our time and talent.

     When I was fresh out of college, I can't say exactly what I thought my life would be in thirty years.  I do, however, know that I was keenly aware of my goal for a contented and happy home.  Everything else seemed to be secondary to that focus.  Going to work day in and out and serving the people I was called to serve was what filled my day and my energies.  While not always focused on "who I was going to be when I grow up", the energies I expended developed skills in myself that definitely formed the person I am today.    I wanted for very little and kept focused on my vocation as it was without a lot of forced focus on what I "could be."

The process of "growing up" is best formed by tending well to our basic needs and feeding the curiosity within each of us.  I am glad for the detours on my life that probably took me different directions than a straight shot to where I was headed (or where I THOUGHT) I was headed.  Along the way, I have come to realize it has nothing to do with what I FINISH in my creation process but rather in the lives that I have touched, including my own.

     Along this journey through the weekend retreat, I got to share the weekend with friends and particularly precious was the time I got to spend with our three daughters.  Our youngest, Johanna, celebrated her 18th birthday with us on retreat.  It says a good deal about the caliber of this young woman who was so willing to share her milestone birthday with a group of creative energy and do so cheerfully.  I feel privileged that Johanna is my daughter.  She is what I want to be when I grow up.

All the Best to You, jill


Rachel said...

Those aliens are too adorable!

jillreicks said...

More aliens are on their way. One will even be at a coming wedding.