Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to Iowa, Mr. H.P. Ueltschi

H.P. Ueltschi is the fourth generation owner of Bernina International.   We were privileged that he selected our store to visit on his recent trip from Switzerland to the USA.  More than 120 guests attended our Open House welcoming Mr. Ueltschi to our store.

We are proud to be a dealer for Bernina of America.  Having the owner of the company travel to our store is the icing on the cake for us.  We are proud to sell Bernina products and honored that the company recognized us by Mr. Ueltschi's visit.
Overwhelming!  Mr. Ueltschi got a chance to hear what our customers had to say about his company's product and the service and education we give at our store in Cedar Rapids.  It was great to have the owner of the company visit our store.  However, more than that, it was a very emotional time for us as a team as our customers shared how important our store is to them and to their journey into sewing.  Not only were customers in tears sharing how they can call us anytime and be treated graciously and patiently, but when I looked up at my staff, I saw THEY were crying too.  Working with these women and men, I know how much of themselves they pour into their work at the store.  I am so very proud of my staff.  I am very proud of our customers.  Were it not for customer support, we couldn't offer the services and education and products.  We are so proud of all of you.  Having Mr. Ueltschi with us at the store was  a great time to define our mission through our customers and our staff.... "Let Us Inspire You..."

Thank you for your support and your encouragement and how much YOU inspire US!  Our jobs are so wonderful because of the people we get to work with and because of the people we get to serve.  Each day is unique to us and a chance to share our love of creating through sewing and sharing that love with so many people.  I hope you can enjoy sharing your love of creating beauty all around you as well.

All the Best to You, jill

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Deedrie said...

Thanks so much for introduction.
It was such a treat to meet him. You just never know what or who you will find when you pop in to Pine Needles for some thread.