Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Be So Tough on Yourself?

Recently, when sewing with friends, I got a little lax on basting a quilt.  I skipped a whole section because I didn't want to walk across the room and get more pins.  I went and started quilting this section first.  Of course, it bunched up on me and the back was all twisted up.  It looked something like sewing your homework into the back of a quilt (for those of you non-sewers).  Traditionally, sewers will seam rip.  That would have taken me about three hours for the 20 minutes of wreckage I'd created.  So, I just went for option B....just cut a row off the quilt.  And none too neatly, I might add.  My sewing friends were shocked.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT QUILT?  I am just making it a row smaller.  Me thinks it was too big anyway!
And my mama called me lazy....I am just resourceful.
All the Best to You...jill


Charlotte said...

I'm experiencing the same thing only not quite as dramatic. just a couple small folds. I'm just going to live with it even if it is my granddaughter's graduation present. I guess if I don't point it out, maybe nobody will notice except me. Is that good logic (LOL)

jillreicks said...

Now, you're getting in the groove....nobody will notice.