Sunday, May 1, 2011

When it Rained Buttons

 Recently, I was able to help our daughter Monica dress her craft room.  Her huge collection of buttons of all sizes and shapes took up a very large glass vase.   In fact it was so heavy, I never imagined it could ever move off that shelf.

Monica went to tightly close the door to the room.  The door, on the same wall as the shelf, sent a vibration through the wall and shook that shelf enough to pitch the vase of buttons off the shelf.   The vase went tumbling off and fell atop Monica's Bernina 830.  Buttons splayed EVERYWHERE.

Ironically, the vase did NOT break.  Hitting the handle atop the machine, it left a small dent in the handle.  However, the vase was so heavy it didn't even crack the vase.

Once she discovered that nothing was broken, she simply shut the door on the mess to deal with it later.  (I am pretty proud of her that she didn't get stirred up over it.)  Easily, it was hundreds and hundreds of buttons.  I suspect they will be finding buttons in every nook and cranny in the room.

Every child's dream...buttons, buttons everywhere...
All the Best to You...jill

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Who would dream of such a hazard in the sewing room! You're right.. the buttons will turn up for a long time in places she never thought to look. Good luck to her!