Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bernina University

Wow...I am in Kansas City at Bernina University. I have been telling people about the great time we had with Susan Cleveland recently. My brain is churning with inspirations I gained from listening to Susan and questions I have for her. I love it when a teacher comes in and causes me to wonder what I could be doing with my creative energies....and Susan surely did this to us at the store. There was so much incredible detail work in the Hot Piping Macaroni that not only inspired my creative energies for quilting but got my brain churning on garment applications. I also found myself dreaming of placemats with macaroni on it. What do you think?

Today I met with Linda Lee as well. She and I put our heads together and came up with some great plans for her trip to Iowa. Watch our next schedule to see the plans. We are so excited about our plans and you are going to love this day out with your friends...or come by yourself and be garment inspired.

Alex Anderson said to tell everyone HELLO and she along with so many designers, authors and corporate execs have asked about all of you affected by the recent weather. The country watched with shock. But, again and again, we heard people tell how they were confident that the Iowans were picking up and doing their best to help one another. It has been heartwarming to hear their concerns and reminds me all over again of how very proud of you I am that you have survived the flooding with dignity and very proud of those who are serving even this many weeks past the tragedy. What a great place to live and a great place to call home!

Wishing you All the Best, jill

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