Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sewing Inspired!

We got back about a week ago from Bernina University, lunged right into VIP at the store and the rest feels like a blur. Learning about the new 8-series machines was awe inspiring in so many ways. I think when I listen to the details of what a sewing machine can do, it is a lot like listening to my husband talking to other farmings about tilling the land. It is foreign to me, but the twinkle in their conversation indicate something electric and magical.
I felt this way when I saw the 830 and the 820 machines for the first time. We got to play on emulators of the machines and watch the fine details of locking off stitches, the new features of drag and dropping stitches. Imagine the beauty of dragging things around like you do on your computer but now it is in a sewing machine. However, after working on emulator, I didn't rush right down to see the sewing machines as my staff did. When you own the store, there are lots of not-fun business details that get in the way of fun and explorations of the details of sewing. Our daughter Therese came to get me out of a meeting (I suspect I was picking some new fabrics for all of you.) and she howled, "HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW MACHINES?!" When I admitted I hadn't, she went on to tell me how beautiful they are on top of how fast they are and as many details as could come out of her in a hurried second. She rushed me to the room where the beauties all awaited. I agree with her and wanted to bring one home right then.

When you look at that picture of Therese and me with Gail Hillert, study that machine and remember that there are THREE people standing behind that beautiful machine. The 830 with her embroidery module spans 40" from left to right. I can't wait to see what we can do with that much space not only for quilting but for all kinds of sewing and embroidery. Mrs. Hillert is the visionary that has inspired this machine and so much in our previous Bernina machines. I am so grateful for her vision. She is an amazing sewer and instructor and her energy for these products and what they can do for your sewing world is unparalleled. Anything I could hope for in a machine, Gail Hillert has exceeded with fabulous features and conveniences that have me awe-struck.

I think this is like having the big box of crayons! I don't know about you, but I didn't get a big box of crayons until I was an adult. I distinctly remember going out and buying the big box to share with my toddlers. Being the oldest of three kids in four years, my parents had their hands full and I doubt big boxes of crayons made much sense to them. However, being a creative person, I always loved crayons and colored pencils and gadgets for drawing and playing. When I got that big box to share with my toddlers, we spent a lot of lavish going through the names of the colors....periwinkle, azure....what glorious names and glorious colors. We had lots of fun with those crayons. To this day, the bits and pieces are still in a box in our closet and we still use them when kids come over. Perhaps we ought to get them out now with most of the kids being adults and play again! Or maybe we all just moved on to big boxes of crayons in other mediums. I think mine is sewing and embroidery machines and the 830 is definitely on my wish list for the big box of crayons!

It isn't always about big boxes of crayons. I think there is a measure for good classics which brings me to my other favorite that I met at Bernina University. This is a sewing machine that inspired me by its beauty and its elegance. The White Pearl has many of the features of the Activa 230...with some added classy features such as the CFL light which is a must for all of our eyes. The White Pearl is wearing white buttons and a hand-painted image. With only 3,300 being painted in the world, we have ordered White Pearls for our store to have for not only those of us who want a classic that will be in limited quantity but also for that new sewer. Who of us can't remember her first sewing machine? I think the White Pearl is the machine that I would love to send with the young sewers I know into their future. My own daughters are in their early twenties and our youngest is 15. All three of the girls love their first Berninas; and even given the chance, have told us they will keep it forever as their first machine and pass it on to someone else. I have included information on the White Pearl on our web site. We have a great gift that will be going along with the White Pearl and they will be ready to start going home with you early this thinking of the holidays for yourself.

Can I be inspired by a sewing machine? Absolutely. The relationship with my sewing machine makes my ability to soar with my creativity limitless!


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