Sunday, July 6, 2008

Monica's Mama in Detroit

Hey Sewing Friends... I am in Detroit with our oldest daughter, Monica. She had surgery on her nose last Monday and I have been helping her dress her apartment and get some rest from surgery. She has had this surgery twice before, knew the recovery and was dreading it. The surgery went very well but she is a little self-conscious with a cast on her face. Today she did some sewing and I convinced her to let me take some pictures of her sewing. She had made a handbag from Stephanie Kimura's Goddess Bag pattern and is making placemats for her new kitchen.

Monica is starting her last year of med school and she likes to play piano and sew as her break time from studying and working. (She is next to her purple 153 sewing machine that has travelled with her through college and med school.) I am havinga lot of fun seeing how much fun she has creating for her apartment. She and her friends love to re-vamp stuff they have bought at Goodwill or things that they got online from Such smart kids! I especially am fond of her black and white kitchen. She made a great little table runner and put it on her Goodwill table by the lamp saved from the dump and the artwork that someone else decided they could live without. She covered the lamp shade with a smart little print she found in my stash and recycled some beads from something (maybe it was a dress from my days as a flapper?!) Check out our store web site in my blog section....

We are also going to try to tackle recovering a chair. The way this week is going, I am guessing they will be recycling men's overcoats to cover the chairs. It is a sort of fun way to tackle things....a little different than what I am accustom to but inspiring all the way around. Sure am glad she has her trusty Bernina to dig through this heavy duty sewing. I suspect that we could sew together the screen door while we are at it.

hope this inspires you to take on a project that you have been dreaming about.


As you can see, Monica isn't ready to show off the results of the surgeon's handiwork. I will be sure to let Dr. Craig know tomorrow that she showed off her stitching before she showed his work.

all the best to you....jill

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