Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sew Away Your Anxiety

As we have met many fighting cancer (and especially a large number wrangling with breast cancer), I am always in awe at how they pull together their emotional resources to find a way to bring healing in some part of their life.  So many have told me that they sew to reduce their anxiety and that when they are not well enough, the inability to sew brings great sadness to them.

Using the same pink and black tones from the first collection of Fight Like a Girl, I built upon the core reason why any of us really talk about breast cancer.  It is very important not only that we support those fighting for their lives but also to bring awareness and shake off the fear.  Talking about breast cancer is challenging partially because of our modesty but also because of our fear.  I have heard women say they have avoided screenings because they hurt, because they are afraid of "IF I have cancer" and (of course) because it isn't a great amount of fun to wait for that discovery.  I have had friends who put it off for years to find out they did or didn't have breast cancer and then play Russian roulette with their health again by waiting.  

It is my sincere hope that Fight Like a Girl 2 will be a fabric collection that people love because it is pretty but mostly that it will serve as a reminder that self-examinations and cancer screenings for breast health is the best chance we have for early discovery and the best chance to give women a chance to "Fight Like a Girl!"

My favorite piece from this collection are the two fabrics that name the people we love and the people whose lives are touched by breast cancer. "Mother...Sister...Lover...Friend...Co-Worker...Sorority Sister...." etc  I wanted this fabric to serve as a reminder of how many lives cancer touches. 
As I was machine quilting the pieces to be taken to International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, I lingered on each of these titles and thought about the people in my life who have been touched by all kinds of cancers.  The journey was significant, cathartic and a bittersweet time for me.

This fabric is for you....Betty Jo, Correy, Jane, Kay, Lori, Loretta and many are so loved.

Fight Like a Girl fabrics will be in the stores in June.  I am honored to have assisted Windham Fabrics with this collection.  A portion of the proceeds from the fabric benefit the Maurer Foundation.

All the Best to You...jill

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