Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yes, I Designed This

I recently put the last stitches into my first venture into fabric designing.  Working with friends at Windham Fabrics, I was honored to pull together the fabrics for their second collection for Fight Like a Girl.  The fabric line was immensely popular in its first run in our store.  I had some ideas for things I'd like to see in the subsequent collection and was asked to work with them on the designs.

I felt compelled to work on these fabrics because of the friends and family who have fought breast cancer.  Yes.  I do draw.  In fact, I draw a lot.  I have drawn all kinds of things all of my life but have only recently increased my collection of pens, markers, colored pencils and more.  I've not given up my sewing or other crafting, just dug back into my psyche and welcomed that little girl who ALWAYS loved to capture things on paper.   What a privilege it has been to be able to create the elements that are now being printed on fabric.  More than that, I felt called to do this to heighten awareness in women about our breast health.  If Fight Like a Girl 2 causes women to be reminded to tend to their health, the fabric has done what it was intended to do.

You can order the fabric from this collection.  It won't be ready to ship for a few more weeks.  You can place your order for Fight Like a Girl 2 on our web site (click HERE) and your order will be filled when the fabric arrives at our store.  

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patty potter said...

I can't wait for the fabric to get already planning my projects with it, first of which will be a pillowcase for me mom.