Monday, December 7, 2009

Be Fair To Yourself...

Among my list of things to keep in mind with holiday sewing, I have listed one of my toughest lessons learned...."3. Be fair to yourself in time evaluation for sewing." Not respecting ourselves enough to say "no" to some projects, even if the "no" is to ourselves is neither noble nor healthy. Many of us possess a very unattractive martyrdom over what we will sew for others.

Much as I would love to sew pajamas for some children for Christmas, I don't think I can absolutely get it done. I have bought the fabric for the flannel pajamas to fit the children I am thinking about for NEXT Christmas.

I confess, I have been very guilty of buying into the notion that unless I make it at the last minutes of December that it isn't quite like "giving" a project. However, over the last couple of years, I have made projects that I know are things that our kids have admired. As I made them or as they discovered them, I have kept note of the ones they love. I don't do things even and "fair" at every holiday. They have never complained that one year is their clothes year and someone else's toy year. It just depends on their personality, where they are in their lives and what we truly feel called to give them. So, I am very excited to have some special projects set aside for the kids this year. (I can't tell you what they are because sometimes my kids read my blog!)

My family will appreciate a well-rested and composed mother and wife more than a bunch of handmade gifts that I tried to squeeze into the holiday plans. When I suggest a handmade gift at this late date, I am not talking about a bed-sized quilt. Placemats, handbags, aprons, pillows, flannel lounge pants, pajamas and pillowcases are the perfect fare for the season.

I am presently working in 3/4 yard cuts and having a blast with them. I will be showing these things at our coming Holiday Party on Sunday, December 13. It is amazing what one can do with a well-coordinated set of fabrics. This kind of sewing will be fun to create and fun to give. I hope you can come and party with us!

When I look at the projects to be done, I make an estimate of time as uninterrupted time and then I add a couple hours. If I get more done faster....bonus. If not, I don't stress about it. Be sure to leave time to do your wrapping. I also wrap things up as I finish them and am so excited because this year, Moda has made up wrapping papers to match a couple of fabric lines, including Figgy Pudding. Stunning stuff!

When I suggest being fair to yourself, it is not only a time constraint but also a creativity constraint. Last year, Therese spent a couple days making cake balls for Christmas. I think I enjoyed watching her pour her heart into this project as much as she enjoyed creating these beautiful and delicious gifts. Joel helped her out and it was such a treat to watch them have fun making the treats. Their efforts were giving themselves the gift of making that which they truly wanted to do. While the cakes were beautiful and delicious, I would hope they can only do them in the future if they enjoyed doing them. This is the definition for being fair to yourself. Christmas is a time for gifting. Gift yourself with the care you well-deserve.

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