Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Twinkling Spirit

At Christmas time, we often get so caught up in the shoulds of the world. We think we should make sure that everything is done and we should make sure that every detail is "perfect." The holiday isn't about perfect. It is about joy and celebration. Taking time to rest, to think, to watch and to just "BE" are the best ways to reduce stress.

It is so important that you make your gift-creating time work for the person you love and for you. Celebrating that person while you are creating is healthy and doubles the joy of giving. I stress making things very simple when we are in these last days before gift-giving time not because it is easy or because I am lazy but rather because it is a time to give ourselves tender care as well as to share the gift of sincere and generous giving, not a spirit of bitterness.

5. As you sew, think about the person you are sewing for. This is the gift to YOU.
6. Savor every moment of sewing.

Nice picture of most of our staff from our Christmas Party. Along with being a sharp-looking bunch, these are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of working with. They give so much of themselves to help our customers be inspired and they inspire each other. What a great gift to enjoy in one's workplace.

On Sunday, we had a great time celebrating with our customers at our annual holiday party. If you missed it, you will want to make sure you mark your calendar for next year. Not only did we have a great time but each person got a gift of a FREE premier embroidery design collection or a $50 gift certificate to use on any kit in the store. So, if you were at the party, be sure to bring in your ticket and get your gift. As for the 2010 party, watch for it to be held in mid November. We are going to move it up to better fit your calendars. It will be a Sunday afternoon again from 3-6:00. We had great food and a lot of fun. Everyone got to participate in fabulous specials. All attendees can still use their specials on the kits through December 31. If you want to see some of the projects we shared, stop in and check them out in our downstairs classroom. They are amazing!

Go to our web site to collect a FREE copy of the pattern of an easy and quick table runner. You can truly make this one in less and 30 minutes. We have 3/4 yard cut kits for this one in the store. You will find that you can get THREE table runners out of one kit. WOW! The kits we have made up are from Figgy Pudding, Winterscapes, City Girl Holiday, Snow Show and more. These work out to about $6 a runner. You can't beat that one.
(FREE PATTERN....Just Click on these highlighted words and you will go to our web site where you can download the pattern as a pdf)

All the Best to You, jill


Rachel said...

I cannot wait to collect my prize. We had a fantastic time at the party. There were so many wonderful ideas!!! Everyone did an awesome job.
PS - the link to the free pattern did not work for me

jillreicks said...

Sorry about that, Rachel. I have the links repaired now. This should work, plus I have detailed it in my next posting.
Thanks so much for your support. The party was a lot of fun for us too!