Saturday, December 19, 2009

Realistic plans

Time is getting close and you have a stack of unfinished projects yet to be done. Suggestion #8. Plan to wrap up some of the patterns and fabrics without finishing them.

When you do this, I like to wrap them all up and then keep track of what is in all the packages. That way if I have a bit of time before the gift giving time, I can come back, unwrap one and sew it up and re-wrap it. Sometimes just being able to set aside some of the wrapping of gifts reduces just enough stress for me be inspired to get sewing again.

For today, set aside some time to wrap up as much as you can. Do NOT struggle with guilt about this. Going out and making decisions and finalizes what you wanted to sew for your sister was a big enough consideration that you shouldn't be bothered with guilt. If your sister is lovely enough for you to have wanted to sew something for her, she WILL understand that you thought of her lovingly. If she is the type to chide you about your unfinishedness...well, you got the wrong gift for her and you ought to just click on this link....and get her a gift card at Pine Needles that she can sew for herself. Nothing sarcastic about that. Just teaching you to be more kind to yourself and to inspire others to share your joy!

All the Best to You, jill

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