Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bring On the Party

It just feels like a holiday when people start cooking favorites and the big puzzle comes out on the card table. 

Our family is all getting together over New Year's Day.  Our fairly quiet house turns into a buzz of food preparations and rituals of competitive board games.  Some people relish an afternoon nap and a good book.  It is vacation time for everyone and rules are usually kept at bay.  With everyone living busy lives, family time at home is a good time to just BE. 

Before everyone comes home, we rush around to try to be certain there are enough towels, clean sheets on beds and plenty of food in the frig.  Making sure that while things may not be perfect, there is some order to the house.  Then they descend on the house and it is like a truck dumps off mounds of their lives on the house.  A funny ritual but one that no one seems to mind.  Laundry baskets of gifts and extra clothes for sledding line the foyer.  Extra dishes in the sinks and on the counters are reminders of many extra snackings.  Tape and wrapping paper line up for the last-minute-wrappings.  The piano and guitar will be pressed into regular service throughout the next few days as Christmas carols share the stage with renditions of all levels of classical and rock and contemporary music.  The drum set will even brought in to bellow and drive the dogs crazy. 

Then there is the newest family pet as our daughter received a miniature schnauzer as a Christmas present.  Three dogs in the house is making for full entertainment.  

Hoping your New Year's Eve and Day are times of rest and opportunities for finding much to celebrate...whether it is a quiet evening alone or time for a loud party, I hope it is a time to find moments of gratitude for 2009 and heady anticipation for 2010.

All the Best to You, jill

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