Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dance of the Contemplative Snowflake

Snowflakes are falling with a lazy pace on the Iowa landscape.  I doubt it gets much more idyllic than this.  As I watch their peaceful decent to earth, I am reminded of the calm that I can keep this day if I am mindful of the pace I select.

Typically the day after Christmas is bedlam for Americans flocking to scoop up bargains on holiday decorations, wrapping paper and make their returns.  This has never been my scene of choice.  I usually have been at the retail store as the clerk and have never seen (first hand) the mayhem.  In fact, December 26 (or through the end of the year) is usually marked with a season of joy for us as our customers come in laden with gift certificates that filled their stockings.  Anticipating a new start to sewing, they enjoy the chance to think of their loved ones and select tools and treasures as expressions of their love and the anticipation of creating.

The days that follow Christmas for us are also a time for our friends to reclaim their freedom.  The weeks coming up on Christmas usually start with casual choices of gifting.  Few choose the bedlam that obligation presses on everyone as they rush through the list of things to be done and gifts to be wrapped.  The arrival of the actual holiday is usually a huge relief as there is no more that can (or should) be done in that moment. 

For today, while a good many of our staff continue to enjoy their time at home, I will join the staff at Pine Needles to meet up with our customers...get a chance to meet their visiting family members and relive their gifting experiences.  And for today, I am going to take a lesson from the snowflake dancers...taking my time to enjoy the ride.

All the Best to You...jill

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