Friday, December 18, 2009

My Present to ME!

Oh my, Santa has come and brought me a little face my sewing room. After wrangling for far too long, I asked Santa to put new flooring in my sewing room. With the generous help of some darling elves, we muscled all of my sewing stuff and other stuff out of the family room to make way for the installers.

The best way to lessen your stuff is to sort it out. I cut up fabrics into bits and pieces...charm packs, jelly rolls and even recycled a wanna-be chenille blanket into some fabulous ribbons for Christmas presents. Found all the "lost" books I had and re-organized my patterns in such a way that I can actually see them.

When I get my Koala Studios set up with their under-shelving units, my collections of publications and what-nots will live there. I loved working on the Koalas while I waited for the flooring and am so anxious to install the shelving kits to make the MOST of them.

I have shared the room with the pool table, an air hockey table and TV. My sewing area sits between the TV viewers and their chairs. That WILL be changing. I can't hear myself think when they are trying to hear the TV over my sewing! I am thinking speakers behind their chairs. And, after wiggling audition settings around and around the room, I have convinced them that the air hockey table is just one surface too many and should go into a another room of the basement. Yippee. I think I am as happy for that as I am the new flooring.

Of course, sneak peeks around the corners where I shoved stuff indicates that much will need to be put away before my room is ready for guests. My sewing companions will be home in the next ten days. But, that is also why I stuffed most of it into closets and boxes. Labels would have been a good idea, but since I didn't do that, I just reach what I can and quietly accept that I will find the rest sometime...and it will be like finding a lost diamond!
All the Best to You, jill

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